• «VTB Bank (Armenia) » CJSC

    «VTB Bank (Armenia) » CJSC

    "VTB-Armenia Bank" is a subsidiary bank of VTB team in Armenia. It has created on base of "Armsavingsbank" CJSC and ...

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  • «Cybersec» LLC

    «Cybersec» LLC

    The company «CyberSec» specializes in the successful results in the field of business security. We solve problems with maximum flexibly.… ...

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  • «Ardshinbank» CJSC

    «Ardshinbank» CJSC

    Ardshininvestbank CJSC has been founded in 2002. Ardshininvestbank CJSC rebranded as "Ardshinbank" CJSC in 2014. ...

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  • «Crossnet» LLC

    «Crossnet» LLC

    “Cross Net” LLC offers a new fixed telephony services based on IP technology. Since June 2010 it was officially ...

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  • «Armbusinessbank» CJSC

    «Armbusinessbank» CJSC

    In 1991 was established as shareholding bank “Arminvestbank” CJSC. In 1994 In accordance with the Constituent Agreement ...

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  • «Inecobank» CJSC

    «Inecobank» CJSC

    INECOBANK CJSC was registered on February 7, 1996 (bank license N 68 issued by the Central Bank of Armenia). In ...

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  • «ID Bank» CJSC

    «ID Bank» CJSC

    "Anelik Bank" CJSC was founded in 1990 August 1, by enterprises and organizations of Light Industry as a Shareholding ...

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  • «Smart Solutions» LLC

    «Smart Solutions» LLC

    SMART SOLUTIONS is an IT solutions development company based in Yerevan, Armenia. We offer an extensive range of IT services ...

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  • «Prometey Bank» CJSC

    «Prometey Bank» CJSC

    The Bank was established as "Prometeus" commercial bank in 1990. On October 23 the Bank was licensed by the CBA ...

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