Connection to SWIFT via Service Bureau infrastructure

Shared infrastructure

This type of connection to the system is implemented by means of program and technical support of Service Bureau. It allows the bank to significantly reduce its costs, related to acquisition of cryptographic devices, licenses for SWIFT services, the support of its own channel, acquisition of its own server systems and training of its own specialists.

SAG Client

In case of this type of connection to the system, the application Alliance Access/Entry remains in the bank and the applications of SWIFTNet (Alliance Gateway, SNL, HSMs, Alliance Connect, VPN boxes and channel with SWIFT Network Partners) are handed over to Service Bureau.

Reserve connection

The Reserve connection is implemented according to “Gateway” connection scheme and ensures the bank a reliable connection to the network, in case of a problem with the main connection.

Additional Services Provided by Service Bureau

SWIFT Services Support

ITG offers complete range of consulting, technical and on-going support with real-time monitoring. We provide full backup, systems maintenance, upgrades and database management to ensure reliable and secure transactions.

SWIFT Connection

We help our clients to connect to SWIFT network by offering high speed and best convenience of the process. ITG is responsible for the security of connection and system integration, as well as for the management of the shared infrastructure.

SWIFT Solutions

ITG offers a full range of SWIFT solutions for messaging, integration and data management by providing benefits of SWIFT expertise and value-added services. We help our clients to keep up with changing requirements.

Configuration Modifications

We support our clients to modify the configuration of current services, as well as adopt new SWIFT solutions in an effective way. We continuously conduct SWIFT implementations and upgrades to rationalize the SWIFT platform.