Partnering with ITG is valuable for us. With the technical and operational support provided by ITG, we access to the large variety of SWIFT services and payment options including global and cross-border payments. What is more, in the frames of the partnership with ITG, we get control over the SWIFT environment and keep our infrastructure up-to-date. ITG team is knowledgeable. They quickly understand our issues and find solutions that meet all the items on our list of functional and technical requirements.

Muradyan Gagik, IT

We started working with ITG a few years ago and thanks to the best assistance and technical support from ITG experts we have gained a considerable experience in executing in-coming and out-going international financial transactions within SWIFT system. ITG provides solutions and services that answer our needs and allow operating smoothly in SWIFT platform while enabling to comply with the latest international regulations. It is a real pleasure to work with ITG team.

Alanakyan Andranik, IT

We chose ITG as it is a great partner offering all the SWIFT solutions we were looking for. Outsourcing of complete financial messaging services for SWIFT to ITG Service Bureau gives us a great opportunity to establish modular solutions that could always adapt to new business models and changing requirements. Partnering with ITG, we are sure that will gain SWIFT connectivity and infrastructure in a reliable environment with full backup, upgrades and on-going support.

Voskanov Tigran, IT